State of Mind

Paintings with a positive message.

The paintings 'Choices' and 'Stuck? Get loose and Colour your life' were the first in a series of paintings with a positive message. More paintings followed, each with meaning, each with a story. 'She’s like a Flower' indicates that you are good just the way you are, whether you're that beautiful rose or that lovely daisy.

The painting 'Don’t let your fears keep you from flying' suggests that embarking on a new venture or experience can be exciting and even a bit scary. However, it's through these experiences that you grow as a person and look back on either a beautiful or less beautiful experience, but definitely one that enriches you. Just look at how the little bear smiles during his flight in this painting.

Increasingly, Simone began to search for her own specific visual material: old photos, words, thoughts, sayings, meanings, and feelings. Ideas came naturally to her. She changed and went through a period of growth. Simone painted what occupied her mind. Thus, she painted her mood, her State of Mind. This allowed Simone to process and let go of various events even better. Many people can relate to the stories depicted in the paintings. "Recognizable," they say, and "It touches you!"

Several works from this series have already found new owners. Are you interested in a painting? Then please contact Simone by phone at +31 (0) 630063037 for more information.

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